I hope to use this blog as a way to document my learning to kite board. I am starting the blog a bit late since I started the kiting learning curve about a year ago but I will try and catch up with what has happened up till now.

I had no idea kiting existed before a couple years ago. Some UND students where kiting across North Dakota to raise wind awareness. You can find out more about that expedition at www.2xtm.com

They were giving lessons and demos as they went. After playing with them for an hour or so I was hooked on the idea. ND is to far from the mountains to make it convenient to downhill ski regularly. Access to lakes and rivers is pretty good but I didn’t want to buy a boat and have all the hassles that come with that. The idea of using the wind to ski and board seemed to make sense in a wide open, windy state like ND. Or so I thought at the time.


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