After receiving my HQ Hydra 300 trainer kite I ordered a couple beginner videos on Netflix. These helped a lot. They give good info on wind, equipment and what to expect before going out. I felt a lot more prepared after watching these.

First flight with HQ HydraMy first outings were in a wide open mowed area – probably a couple acres. I found out it is much easier to do this in an area that is mowed as opposed to an area that is not. After a few weeks the grass in this area was long and made it much more difficult to get the lines laid out. These fine lines catch on sticks, twigs and tall grass. So any brush becomes a pain when you are trying to get situated after a crash or just move around while the kite is on the ground.

It really helped having a buddy out there with me to help me launch the kite the first few times. It took some playing around to get a feel for when the kite is ready to launch itself so until you get this down you can lower your frustration by having a friend help you out with launches and re-launches when you are starting out.

My first outings went pretty well. Getting used to the trainer was pretty easy. The safety on the Hydra works well and you can bail at any time. Over all it worked well on land. I could feel the power right away and could see how this could pull you around but it didn’t feel over-powering either. I don’t know what the winds were on those days.


  • Having a buddy to help you launch the kite is very helpful – especially on the first few flights.
  • Have your buddy watch the how-to videos so they know what you are trying to accomplish and what to do.
  • Short grass makes it easier to work with the kite and lines.

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