Wanting to get out and do some kiteskiing I loaded up the gear and headed out. The winds were strong (25+). I thought that was to much for my 13.5 so I opted for my trainer since it is the only small kite I own. I was all ready to go – skis on, kite up, just need to adjust my goggles. The weather was cold, even for ND. I was bundled pretty heavy and didn’t realize my leash, while around my mits, wasn’t on very tight. With the Hydra the leash is a velcro strap that goes around your wrist. You can see where this is going.  I didn’t notice it wasn’t tight because of the heavy mittens I was wearing. Also, I just didn’t pay enough attention to the safety strap. The weather was cold and by this time I had flown the trainer many times. I just got careless.

Anyway, while adjusting my goggles the kite got a little crazy so I was going to just let go and let the safety do its thing. But the combination of strong wind and poorly secured safety leash turned out to be a bad one. Instead of crashing like it should, the leash came off my wrist and the kite powered up and took without me. I was in a big open field with a new housing development in the path of the kite. By the time I got back to my vehicle and drove to where the kite was heading the lines had luckily got caught up on a tree stake in the firest row of houses. I say luckily because this meant the kite couldn’t make it to any roads or cause any problems for anyone. This was a bad day of kiting. Actually, it was a bad day of not kiting.


  • Always double check safety equipment.
  • Don’t be in a hurry!

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