My second outing wasn’t much to talk about. We went to Lake Isabel, south of Dawson, ND. This is a small lake but it does have a public beach. The wind was non-existant when we got there. After about an hour it really picked up so I set up and headed out. I had something wrong with the lines so I bailed and swam back to shore. The wind was side on-shore so it wasn’t to bad. But after dragging the kite back to shore I ran out of time to get back out and I was pretty tired from dragging the kite in.

In hindsight I think I probably had everything rigged up ok. I think the lines were probably just twisted and could have easily been fixed. But there was a lot of beach and boat traffic so I got nervous and decided to pull out without really thinking things through. I don’t feel very confident in traffic yet.

A couple notes about the lake though. Isabel is small and round. There is a decent size public beach area but no camping allowed. The west side of the lake is much shallower than the public area but all private land. There is a slough to the west of Isabel and another lake west of that which isn’t used in the summer. I can only assume it is to shallow. Either of these two lakes to the west of Isabel might be nice to kite on in the winter though.


2 thoughts on “Second kitebaord outing on water

  1. Just taking up the sport myself. Have you considered trying Lake Nelson? And at one place on your blog you mention a feild that isn’t posted near Cottenwood park that would work for flying a kit. Care to share that one?

    1. I have not tried Nelson. It probably would be a good spot with the warm water all year round. But the fact that it is warm all year scares me. The field we spent time at last winter was East of town but it may or may not be available next winter. We will have to wait and see what happens to it this fall.

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