A coworker of mine saw some guys out kiting on the prairie and wanted to learn more about it. Naturally I pointed him to this blog and told him we would get out some time. So we tried it today at Cottonwood Park in Bismarck. The wind was way to low but we met anyway to talk about things and show him the equipment. He clued me in to where he saw the other kiters and I went to check it out. Once I got there the wind picked long enough for me to get the 3meter out and get some pull for a while. He got a chance to try out the trainer too. So that was the good thing. I have been looking for a good spot near Bismarck and found one today. The fields are currently snow packed and there are a couple wide open areas there. I will be back again. If you are interested in knowing where it is at, drop me a comment on here.

While looking for areas close to town I found a few but they were posted so I called and the owners didn’t want anyone on the property citing liability reasons. I can understand and respect their reasons but it makes it harder to find a good spot to go if you want to get out quickly from Bismarck. The land I mentioned above isn’t posted or I would try and contact the land owner to let them know what is going on and thank them for the use of their space.


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