Had a good session last Sunday. Got out about 4pm with West winds from 18mph to 23mph. Set my kite up facing the wind and ran my lines out to the West with the bar East of the kite. Apparently I put to much snow on the front of the kite cause I had to pull quiet a bit on one line to get the kite to spin enough to catch wind and knock the snow off. Something new I tried was using one of those little air pumps that plug into the vehicle power plug. It didn’t work very well though. I will need to look at different attachments to see if I can get a better fit. Maybe then it would work better. I didn’t intend to completely fill it that way but to get a good start and finish it off with the hand pump. Planning ahead, I parked my truck facing West so the back end was down wind. I did this thinking the wind might be to strong for me to walk the lines to the kite when I was ready to quit. So when the sun went down I depowerd the kite and put the chicken loop around the ball of my hitch so the kite would stay depowered and I could walk out to it and deflate it. I should really get an ice screw.

Anyway, the session went well. The snow was blowing low to the ground like ghosts racing across the snow. That along with the sunset made for a really nice setting. Would have been a great day for photos but I was again by myself and I don’t trust myself enough to try and take pics while moving.


  • The trailer hitch ball can work as a way to hold your kite when you are done for the day

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