People who haven’t snowkited before ask me whether they should start power kiting with a board skis. I think the answer to this is pretty easy if you do one or the other now – do that. But if you’re not proficient at either, just start doing one of them. Obviously either one will work. There are plenty of YouTube videos of people doing both. Maybe do what your friends do so you can bum their gear. Just like in the alpine world each will have their own advantages (see the post about that). But if you don’t snowboard or ski now and your buddy’s don’t either just get started doing one of them.

If you don’t do either and that is what this post is really for, I think skis are a little easier for picking up the power kite sport. Not because of the way you fly the kite but because of the things you need to do when you are not flying. For example, the other day I set up my kite to far out of the wind window and needed to alter my position in order to get the kite into the window. I had walk across a gravel road to do so and then back again to get going. The road has nothing to do with conversation but gives you an idea of how far I had to move and what kind of surface you might have to move across. Imagine trying to do that with a board strapped to your feet. Then imagine being in waist deep snow and having to take your board off to move. These things are just easier on skis. You can move around on different surfaces without having to take off your equipment.

But whichever you decide to do, know that either will work. I would suggest getting out to your local ski area and get used to your board or skis before trying them with the kite. You’ll be glad you did. Time on the hill along with some practice time with a trainer kite will help you out a lot. Once you have done that take a lesson and you should have a solid base to build on. Then get going with the power kite. See you on the snow.


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