I headed out to the snow covered prairie knowing the wind was going to be marginal but the sun was out and the temps were above zero. You gotta like that in ND in January. I arrived at my spot and took a wind reading – barely 10mph. There is a pretty good sized hill a half mile up the road so I went up there and got a ready of 14/15mph. So I set up going east and west since it was a NNW wind. I use the truck as a wind block when I am blowing up the kite although it isn’t that big a deal with winds at this speed. My goal today was to work on turning around. Up till now I have been slowing down and bringing the kite into a neutral position and then turning my feet and starting up again in the return direction. I want to turn this into one smooth movement. I did get a couple decent turns where I didn’t have to slow down that much but I still need work. I found I lost power after getting the kite turned and ready to go the other direction. The turn would go ok but then I didn’t keep the power going to come cleanly out of the turn and smoothly transition into moving forward. So I wouldn’t call it a complete success but am happy with what I learned. It seems the basic idea is on the up move with the kite just let the kite continue all the way through it’s turn until it comes around to the other side and wants to go the opposite direction you were traveling. Then I let turned my skis and let them follow the kite around.


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