With a favorable forecast I decided to head out this afternoon for a snowkite session. The difference is this time I wasn’t alone. A fellow snowkiter (the only other one I know of in Bismarck) joined me out on the frozen prairie. When we arrived it was a gusty WNW wind. The wind was ranging from 12-20mph. I thought about going back in to re-rig the kite by moving my back (steering) lines up a knot. But I was able to keep it under control so I didn’t. I am flying a Best Kahoona 13.5. The other guy I was with was flying a 19m Flysurfer. That is a big kite and he was at the top end of his wind range as well.

It was good to have someone else out there. Not only because it is just fun to watch but it makes it safer too. Gliding past another kite is a cool experience and I am glad I got the chance to practice cruising around with another kite out in the area. It caused me to think about where I was going a little more. He pushed me further downwind than I have dared go before for fear I wouldn’t be able to get back upwind. Obviously I made it back.

Another guy who has been wanting to start the sport stopped out to fly my trainer while we were out. He also informed us he picked up a used Peter Lynn so he will soon be joining us in the field. If you have any interest in the sport you should too. Drop a comment on this form and we’ll talk.


  • Power kiting is fun by yourself but better with friends

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