This is a review of the 2009 Best Kahoona 13.5m depower kite. Being fairly new to the sport of kiteboarding I didn’t know what to start with. After a lot of research this is the route I went. I probably should have written this a while ago but didn’t feel like I knew enough about the kite or the sport to be able to provide any valuable information about the kite. I probably still don’t but here you go. The kite was marketed as a good starter kite. It was said to be safe and easy to learn on. I have generally found this to be true. 

Set-up and launch:

The kite is easy to rig and get in the air. Until recently I have been kiting alone so ease of set-up is important to me. The lines are color-coded so it is hard to screw them up. The kite stays pretty well while running lines. I wish the red side of the bar was the right side but it is a little late to start that convention now. I have tried rigging the lines from upwind and downwind from the kite and both seem to work just fine. I haven’t really had any problems rigging this kite alone. The kite launches easily near the edge of the wind window so I haven’t had any face plants when launching.


The kite is predictable and easy to control.  I have felt very comfortable with the depower which has been good for my confidence building. Yeah, I have spent some time on the snow but I haven’t really felt out-of-control ever. When I get overpowered I can drop the handle and it lays down as expected. And it stays there too. It usually just lays leading edge down ready to go when you pull the bar back towards you.

Shutting down:

This has been a little trickier since I am always doing it alone. But the kites ease of control has let me drop it in an area that is somewhat sheltered from the wind. This has allowed me to walk the lines up and deflate the kite. I wouldn’t want to do this in a situation where the wind had increased during the session to a dangerous level. So I need to come up with another option but that isn’t really a knock on the kite. I have used the ball hitch on my truck to hold the kite but probably not the best solution either. It worked in a pinch though.

I could see where more aggressive and experienced riders might want something a little more responsive but I think I am quite a ways from that point. For now it has been a good kite and pretty much what I expected. I feel the kite fits the target Best was going for with this kite and would recommend it to others looking at getting into the sport.


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