My session yesterday wasn’t as bad as the title sounds. Winds were good at 14mph WNW. This is pretty good for the location I was at. I had to re-run my lines because I screwed them up but caught it before I tried moving the kite. So I re-ran them and thought everything was good. Until I started lifting the kite. Then the death spiral started (see the Death Spiral post). Once that was over the session went well. The wind speed was weakening as the day went on but still I got some good runs in. The weather was warm and the snow was soggy. That made it interesting. When I would jump I would sink and stall for an instant.

It was getting time to quit but I wanted to make one long run out and knew the wind might not hold but I tried it anyway. Sure enough, I got about a quarter mile away from the truck and the wind died. I tried pulling the kite up a hill but there wasn’t any wind to be had. So I deflated it, rolled my lines and skinned it back to the truck. This is when I started thinking AT bindings would be the way to go for kiteskiing. But with the nice weather the walk wasn’t bad. I won’t do that again.

Here is a little video from the session.


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