We headed to Red Lodge, MT, to do some downhill skiing this weekend. I got into kiteboarding because my life has changed and I can’t get out to the mountains as often as I would like. I still want to get on the skis though so kiting is a way to do that. I still love the downhill adventures. The skiing itself is very different. Downhill is much more technical skiing. Don’t get me wrong, kiting has all kinds of technical issues but looking solely at what you feet and body are doing the two sports are very different. Skiing moguls or trees is a lot different than sailing across a field. Both are a lot of fun – they are just different.

So Red Lodge hadn’t had new snow for a while and the warm weather the week before left them a bit short on snow cover. Saturday the sun warmed the snow enough to loosen up the boilerplate and the skiing was good where there was cover. There were a lot of stumps and rocks in the road and my skis took some punishment. Sunday was windy and cold but snowing so that was nice. It wasn’t snowing hard enough to cover all the obstacles but enough to add some fun. No matter how you look at it skiing is better than not. The pizza was good, the house we stayed in was nice and the local brews from Red Lodge were tasty as well. So we had fun. You will too if you head out that way. Just wait for more snow before you go.


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