A coworker came across someone kiteboarding one day. Looking for something to do in the ND winter, he wanted to find out more about it. So we started chatting which led to me introducing him to my HQ Hydra trainer kite. We got out a few times with the trainer. The last time he even got some pull on his board with it. The seed was planted and he was ready to upgrade. He bought a used Peter Lynn kite and we tried it out for the first time today. Winds were around 10mph and gusty when we started but picked up a little shortly after we started. It wasn’t a bad first day. He got a good feeling for the kite without being overpowered. It was a successful ride on his first time out with his new kite. The bug is there and I expect he will be hooked now.

Welcome to kiteboarding Jim!

Note: He is one of only three Bismarck kiteboarders I know of. If you kiteboard, know of someone who does or want to take it up, post a note. The goal of this site is to help others learn and build the kiteboarding community in western ND.


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