My most recent session out had some crazy wind. Not crazy strong, just crazy variable. It was up and down a lot. When we started winds were around 12mph. It can be difficult to measure here because of the variability of the wind. When I here about the steady winds of the gulf I get jealous. The winds were probably between 9 and 17mph throughout the day.

Anyway, the sun was warm and the blizzard the day before that had left hundreds stranded in their cars left just enough snow for us to cover the crops in the field again.  We started out by setting up a trainer for a new guy to the group. After that we set up a friends Peter Lynn. After all that I finally got to gear up. It was a good session even though the wind was low at times. The Peter Lynn is an 8.5 and from watching it I would say it has a higher wind range than my Best 13.5. At times he was struggling to keep it in the air. He was skiing today instead of boarding and commented how much easier it was.

It was a great day. We were out for several hours. I can”t say I really learned anything new. Tried doing some jumping but with the weird wind it was tough. The wind-blown snow was really fast so I could move across the mile-wide section in very little time. That was fun. And it is great having someone else out with you. If you didn’t get out this year, let’s get out together next year.

Video from the day:


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