I was trading learning stories with another kiteboarder the other day and he told me this story. I thought this was one of the more interesting kitemare stories I have heard. So I thought maybe I would share some of the stories I have heard. Not to scare anyone but to let newbs know there is some danger in this sport.  I hope this post doesn’t keep you from trying the sport out. All sports are dangerous. This one just requires you to be very aware of what is going on with your kite, lines and the things going on around you.

The story I heard the other day starts with a guy who is either spectating or helping with the launch – I am not sure which but he isn’t the kiter and he in a bad way but doesn’t know it yet. The kiter is trying to launch and when he does the lines are caught around this other guys legs. I should probably note when you are launching a kite can power up very fast – almost instantly sometimes. So the guy who is now caught in the lines gets carried around, hits a truck and ends up in the hospital. The truck has more than $2000 dollars of damage.

I was sitting on the shore when I saw a kiter cruising across the lake. The interesting part is that he was upside-down being pulled by the kite. His head was bobbing on the water and his legs were above his head pointing towards the kite. He went past the trees so I didn’t see how he got out of it but it didn’t look good. It must not have went on very long because when I got around the trees he was out of it already.

Those two kitemare stories. I have heard many others. Some involve kites and people in fences. Some involve people losing fingers. Other stories involve bruises and minor injuries. The point is be careful and know the safety features of your kite set-up. You have to keep your head in-the-game with this sport and even then things can go wrong. This isn’t bowling or curling – you can get hurt.

All that being said, you can have a lot of fun too. So don’t think of this post as a deterrent but a safety precaution. Think about a lesson from a pro before starting. Or at the very least, try and go out with someone who has done it before to get some help.

What are your stories? Post a comment below.


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