Fields are mud, lakes are slush. Looks like the winter kite season is over here in central ND. So I headed to Steamboat, CO for some late season downhill action. Three days of skiing with the boys from MN.

Snow had fallen all week before we got there so there was a lot of coverage. Weather Friday was warm but the snow in the trees was still really nice. It was retro day so there were lots of cool outfits on the slopes that day. We pretty much stayed on the upper mountain around the Chutes and Christmas Tree. Weather Saturday was around 60 and things were sloppy. There were still spots with decent snow in the trees. We quit a little early and chilled out down at Slopeside enjoying the ice bar and live music. With the warm weather there wasn’t much reason to get out early Sunday morning. We figured it was going to be really icy in the morning. When we awoke that morning it was snowing heavily. It turned out to be a record-breaking day. Steamboat went over the old max depth snow record. They got around fifteen inches of snow Sunday. It still would have been sketchy conditions early but late morning and afternoon were pure gold. Not the champagne powder you here about at Steamboat but pretty sweet anyway. It was a great way to finish the trip.


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