I just read this and thought I would pass it along. It came from our friends at Kitemare.com.

Kite falls out of the sky during or upon landing a Jump:

4-line kites are sensitive to line adjustments. Over-sheeting the kite (back lines too tight or front lines too long) will cause the kite to stall. Solution, relax your arms a bit if you’re riding in the trim-loop, and/or shorten the center (front) lines using the trim strap. Shortening the front lines has the same effect as lengthening the back lines.

The other , more likely, possibility is improperly steering the kite, during the jump.

Example: when riding to the left with your left foot forward your kite will be flying at around “10 O’clock.” Gradually bring the kite higher to 11:00. Pull hard on the back hand steering the kite to “1:00.” Jump and in the air, pull your front hand (left hand in this example) to get the kite to return to its 10:00-11:00 position (the direction of travel). Keep the kite overhead for a soft landing.

Common errors:

  • Pulling the kite “too far” Back as you lift off.
  • Not re-directing the kite enough as you come in for a landing. Watch the kite and re-direct it (much like the way you do exiting a turn)
  • Look up at your kite the whole time during a jump (lift-off to landing) and pay attention to the kites position in the sky.

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