Twice a year Lakawa Kiteboarding heads down to Texas to ride during our “off” months – November and April. These are also the best months for winds in the southern tip of Texas. These trips offer something for everyone. Riding day after day in steady winds allows riders of all abilities to progress quickly and take their riding to new levels. It’s a fun week of riding, big feasts to rejuvenate, and hanging out in the sun with a group of great people.  Take some time off, warm up, and advance your skills in unparalleled fashion.  It is unforgettable happy times.  Come discover why this trip is an annual staple for so many riders.


South Padre Island is a barrier island that runs along the Texas coastline, 6 miles offshore, from the southern tip of the continental US to Corpus Christy. The body of water that lies between the island and the mainland is shallow with minimal chop and runs for 80 miles to the North.


April and November are usually warm in South Padre. Daytime temps average in the 80’s. Most of the time riders are in just shorts. Wetsuits are recommended. A cold front can quickly cool down the water in the Laguna because it is so shallow.


April and November are the months with the most consistent winds on the Island. The winds can vary significantly though. Some trips we’ve been on our big kites almost exclusively and other trips we’ve had winds well above 30mph. Flat water or waves, the choice is yours. The island is not more than a half mile wide with the flat laguna on one side and the Gulf on the other.  Padre can offer some really user friendly waves, and with miles and miles of beaches, the exit points are endless.

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