At some point you have to figure out how to get back to where you came from. Walking is an alternative to what I had in mind but isn’t nearly as much fun. I used to slow down and bring the kite to neutral. Then I would regroup, step around and head back the other way. This works on the snow but it won’t work very well on the water. So I started working on changing direction without having to stop my momentum.

You may have read some of this in anther post but I wanted to make this info easier to find.

I started working on changing direction last year with random success. Most of the time I ended up with the kite behind me. The kite would end up outside of the wind window so it would lose power and fall out of the sky. Some times I could get it back up before it hit ground but not always. Once in a while I could get around with the kite still in the window but it would be in a dive and be so close to the ground I had to back off on the power and end up stopping anyway. If you have had this problem too, read on.

A couple weeks ago I spent time watching a friend make turns. This was an enlightening experience. All this time, I had been turning to late. I would start my turn with the kite low and bring it all the way across the window. I would wait for the moment you feel that extra pull and then start the turn. I don’t know what my reasoning was for this. It just made sense at the time. I guess I was thinking the kite would need the extra power to pull me around and stay powered up. Obviously, I was wrong. As I watched this veteran kiter, I realized I needed to start turning about the same time the kite does. This is what he had been telling me all along but it didn’t register until I saw it. If you are experiencing the kite ending up behind you when you turn, try turning your body earlier – much earlier. What worked for me was to start the kite turning and as soon as you make that first move – pulling on one side of your bar – start turning your body. Turn your body quickly. You can make a carved turn but don’t take your time with it. Get your body going the other direction as fast as you can – at least at first. You can play with this later. So the kite is coming around while you are turning. Hopefully you get around by the time the kite is down wind of you so you can dive it and keep the power going.

Hope this helped. Once this clicks you will be able to use it right away. It will make things a lot more fun and probably make you safer because you will be able to get out of a potential collision. If you have tips of your own, let me know and I’ll post it here.


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