With my trip to South Padre coming up I needed to find a way to get my gear down there. I thought about renting but I want more time with my own gear. I don’t want the added learning curve of new gear. Although it would be a good way to try out something new.

I have a Liquid Force 151 Proof. This board is too long for most bags at 60″ so I didn’t have a lot to choose from. Price and size are why I went with the Mystic wheeled “golf” bag. It is a no frills type bag with the basic padding on the bottom and board side of the bag. I will be using some old towels to pad the tip and tail. The kite, wetsuit and similar soft materials will help pad the top side. There are some internal tie downs for the board to keep it in place. That is about it for this bag. I was a little underwhelmed but like I said, there were a lot of bags i couldn’t use. I will let you know how it traveled when I get back.

I did get my kite, board, harness, bar, lifevest, wetsuit, booties, camelback and flip-flops in there. That pretty much put me at the 50 lb weight restriction the airlines impose. Not that it would matter. For more on that check out my post about United’s handling of my bags.


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