Up early today. I wasn’t feeling breakfast so I  brewed up some joe and started getting the gear together. I was out with the vehicle this morning. When we arrived at the flats there weren’t many people out yet. The wind is light but the joke around the house is everyday is a 13.5m day for me. I only have one kite so no matter what the wind is doing I am using my 13.5 Kahoona or not going at all.

Everyone was quick to unpack and eager to get out this morning. Before going out I had a chat with one of the guys bout my depower strap. It has always hung loose when I am riding and was wondering if there was a way to fix this. I had always fully depowered the kite by pulling the strap before starting a new session. Then I have left it depowered while riding. Once in a while I power it up a bit but for the most part I have always ridden with it fully extended or depowered. That is why it is always dangling. It dangles because it probably wasn’t meant to be ridden depowered like that. After talking with some guys I realized it is probably better to start depowered and then power up all the way. With the kite powered up there is room to depower if needed which is probably more important than the other way around. Riding it this way also solves the dangling problem.

With that new wisdom I got ready to get out on the water. The wind was light off shore. I got the kite up but there wasn’t a lot of power there. I couldn’t stay up on the board very long. I would get up and sink after a short ways. It could have been my technique but I would like to blame it on the winds. The biggest kites were out this morning. Guys were flying 16s with success but nothing smaller. I played for a while and gave up for now.

Later in the day the wind came up so I went back out. I was getting some short runs but couldn’t make any up wind progress at all. So I was getting pretty far out in the lagoon it was starting to become a concern. I thought I would give another up wind attempt but crashed. My kite rolled backward on itself and the lines got tangled. Before I could figure out what my next step was the kite caught power and started spinning. I immediately pulled the quick release. It was pulling me out or down wind pretty fast and I was really getting worried at this point. I thought seriously about pulling the leash and letting the kite go. In the moment before I was going to pull the trigger the kite crashed again. It rolled backwards on itself again and rested. The lines and bar were a mess at this point so I took the opportunity to walk up the break lines and gather up the kite. I got a hold of it and started walking back to shore. The shallow water is a nice feature of  South Padre. I was probably three hundred yards out so it took a while to get back in. I was beat when I got back to shore. I cracked a beer and watched the others play.

When everyone was ready we headed home. Shortly after we got in the house a storm hit hard. Really strong winds and hard rain resulted in water pouring in the recessed lighting and down the walls of the lower level bedrooms of the house. That was interesting. After cleaning up we tried to out to eat but the power was out on one side of the town. We headed way south to Dirty Als with hopes they had electricity. They were and we had another tasty meal.

It was another beautiful day on the beach in spite of the scare. And every day riding, no matter how bad, makes you a little bit better for the next day.


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