Just by chance I met a fellow kiteboarder yesterday. He said he and his son are getting into it. So that brings the number of kiteboarders in western ND to six that I know of. Hey, the more the merrier! If you are looking to get into this sport comment here and we can talk off-line. We will all benefit from a few more folks doing the sport out here. We can learn from each other and help each other out. Besides being more fun kiting with someone it is safer as well.


4 thoughts on “Found new kiteboarders in western ND but looking for more

    1. I have a snowboard but have yet to take it out with my kite. I was really hoping to do that this winter for the cross-training but the lack of snow has hurt, no crushed, that plan. I snowkite on my old downhill skis because it is what I am most comfortable with. See “Kiteskiing vs. Kiteboarding on snow” for more information about that. But as for specifics on a board. I would say if you are an experienced alpine boarder follow those guidelines. If you are not experienced just get something and go from there with the mindset that this will be your first snowboard, not your last.

  1. I am in Maui now learning to kiteboard I live in Williston. I am thinking about buying the gear to use on the lake and in the winter I would like to connect with other kisses in be
    And find out what kind of gear is needed for the winter

    1. Maui,
      Snowkiting can be done with the same kite gear you use on water – minus the swimsuit. Seriously, you can use your LEI (Leading edge inflatable) for both winter and summer. Foil kites are a little trickier in the water but require less set-up time so they are good options for land and snow. If your harness is built-in to your shorts you might have a problem getting it on over your cold-weather gear. I use a seat harness and it has enough range in the straps to work in summer when I am not wearing much and winter when I do. Your bar and lines should work in either situation. Hope that answers your question.

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