Forecasts showed high winds. I headed east early in the day to beat the big winds. I drove out to Lake Sibley. The wind was averaging 16 mph and gusting to 27 so I was a little leary. My 13.5 m is rated at 10-20.
I partially pumped the kite at home to limit my prep time out there. I connected my bar to my ice screw, ran them out and connected them to my kite. Then I finished pumping the kite. This worked ok. It was just a matter of getting the main valve in the right spot so I wasn’t inside the lines.
Next, I started flying the kite still attached to the screw so I could test the wind which is coming up. It felt strong but ok so I hooked in and took off. The snow was only a few inches deep and the strong winds were pulling me through it to the ice underneath. So it was a little slippery.
The wind came up fast and hard. I was only out for about a half hour to forty-five minutes before shutting down. I got tore down just in time for the all-out blizzard. I don’t know if I learned anything today but it was time with the kite and that is helpful.


One thought on “Windy session on 2/2/13

  1. With warmer and shorter winters globally snowkiting is becoming more and more of an exotic sport. Spending the last few weeks snowkiting in Pangnirtung Nunavut has certainly soothed our itch for limitless snow and ice.
    Martin Hanzalek
    and the Pangnirtung Snowsailer / Snowkiters were lucky enough to experience the limitless potential of the Arctic. The Ocean is frozen 50+ Kilometers offshore, the wind is strong and cold (which makes it even more powerful and predictable), and you can go anywhere you want to go. Last spring, a couple of folks kited the entire Northwest Passage. If you want to see more just do a quick google search for “snowkite nunavut” and see what’s going on in and around Baffin Island. You will be surprised at how amazing this place actually is.

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