After digging myself and my neighbors out from under 17.5 inches of snow I had to go do something fun. Since it was April, the air warmed up quick and turned what was some of the heaviest snow I have shoveled into mush pretty quick. I geared up and headed out to a local field to give it a whirl. The wind was barely enough at 11-13 mph.  The snow in the field was more like water than ice. But considering this was the only real snow we had had all winter I was determined to get out. Pat was out with me and he wasn’t going to let the poor conditions ruin a good day. We got set up and Pat was well into the field with his foil by the time I had my LEI ready to go. I set up with everything attached to the ball on my truck – with the kite sitting downwind, nose to the wind. With everything in place I went back to the kite to set it on edge and get it ready to fly. As I grabbed it I noticed it felt soft and as I turned the kite on its side it collapsed. So I blew it up again and went through the same process with the same result. Realizing I must have a leak I shut down the operations for the day. Pat came back to see what was going on and said the conditions were so bad he was going to hang it up as well. Record snowfall and still no kiting. ND weather is crazy.  So that was it for the 2012 winter. Hope for more next season but looking forward to the summer sessions.


I later blew up the kite in the backyard and confirmed I do not have a leak. I must have just been careless with something that day. I did find a small  two inch tear in my material and ordered some kite tape from It was easy to apply and fixed me up good as new.


  • As always, check everything twice. If I had I wouldn’t have had the air leak problem I did.

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