Come join in the most extreme obstacle race to hit ND! The Event at Huff Hills Ski Area will feature nearly 3 miles of course, with 12 crazy and challenging obstacles! This race isn’t about getting in shape, or changing your life, it’s about having FUN! Join us on June 29th, and get ready to have your best day EVER! Race will be broken into waves, with the first wave tentatively scheduled to depart at 3:00 PM.  The race will continue all day, and will feature great music, food and of course beer!  A portion of the proceeds will support the Bismarck Cancer Center to promote the fight against cancer, and support LOCAL cancer survivors!

This race will feature 12 obstacles that will push you! Information on obstacles will be released soon, but two obstacles will remain secret until race day! You won’t know what to expect until you hit the course!

The race will be timed using chip timing, so registration will close prior to the race. We will accept walk-up registrations on the day of the event if you do not wish to be timed.


2 thoughts on “The first ever Event at Huff Hills

  1. I enjoyed reading the blog. I’m heading back up to ND from June 28th to July 5th to visit some family in Minot and Watford City. I’m going to bring my kiting gear but have never kited in ND before so hoping to meet up with some kiters while I’m up there. Let me know if you’d be down to hit up a spot on a windy day, which from my experience is nearly every day up there…

    1. J,
      Sorry I was late looking at this. I know a guy was up at New Johns Lake last weekend. I will pass around your info to the locals to see who will be around rest of the weekend. Hope the wind blows.

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