Want to know what the next big thing in kite sports is going to be? Well don’t look here. But if you just want something wacky to do you could give this kite tubing thing a try.  Yes, kite tubing.  North Dakotans are crazy and this is proof. It all stems from the sub-zero winters. Darin from Mandan is credited for starting this new sport. He found a way to have summer fun in a new way with his Hydra 300 and an inflatable tube.  As he put it, “Ya the tube is ok, but needs fins or a rudder because once and in awhile it would spin me around haha.” I especially like the person hanging onto the back of the tube working as ballast and a rudder. So this might not take off the way kiteboards have but fun is fun. Just be safe.

kite tubing
Kite tubing in central ND

One thought on “Kite tubing – the next big thing?

  1. Cool Idea to get some kite time, I have found the wind to be to light on the lake for me to get up but it would be fun to drag around a little, might give it a try this weekend.

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