Don’t trash that expensive kite just because of a little tear. Small tears in the material of the kite can be repaired with kite tape. It can be purchased by the foot or in pre-set lengths. I bought mine online at They have videos showing you how to use it too. I had a two inch tear about six inches from the bladder area. I cut a piece of the tape off that covered my tear. Put a board under the kite so I had a flat spot to apply the tape and that was it. Then I flipped the kite and did the same thing to the other side. It has been on a few months and in the water once. The tape seems to be holding just fine.

Larger kite problems can be sent in to professionals to have them fixed. I know a guy who tore his kite in half slamming it into the water. He sent it off to have it fixed and it was good as new at much less cost than a new kite.


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