While on vacation on Big Cormorant Lake in MN I awoke to nice wind and warm weather. I had waited three days so you know this is a treat. Winds were lower 20s, gusting to 26 mph. The wind was on-shore to our beach so I thought I might drift launch from the far shore and downwind it on back home. I took the jet ski across the lake to check it out. It was not to be as the wind shadow was a bit much and I wasn’t sure I would be able to drift out before the sun went down. Yes, it is early in the day yet. After meeting up with my friend D., I geared up and we took the jet ski out to the middle of the lake with the idea of using a shallow, sunken island as the launching point. D. was driving and I was on the back holding on tightly to my kite. Driving into the wind holding the kite is a little tricky. I had rolled my lines to the bar back at the beach after connecting them so I just had to unroll and drift from the jet ski. Or so I thought.

I connected my safety line to the ski ring on the back of the jet ski and dropped the kite in the water. I let it float out a bit and let out the lines as the kite drifted away from us. This worked for the most part except the jet ski drifted about the same speed as the kite so I had to be very careful to keep the lines from getting tangled on the machine. The kite did catch wind once and got things a bit tangled up. This is why I connected the kite to the ski loop on the jet ski instead of attaching it to my harness right away. I figured something like this could happen and wanted the jet ski to take the pull instead of me. I could still use the safety and get rid of it if things went bad. We should always be thinking of safety first. I was able to get the lines squared away and get the kite out and away from us. I had drifted out the shallow water by this point so I connected the kite to my harness and jumped in the water. D. was letting me use his Door today, which he graciously handed down to me in the water and I was about ready.

After a couple passes of the kite overhead to get a feel for the conditions I set it into power and I was off. I had a few messed up attempts because I was trying to go upwind a bit to much. Then I got it right and surprised myself to setting my board right away and was off. My first shot was to my left and heelside. The board was set and I had a good stance for controlling the kite and my power. I was really surprised. This was about as solid as I have ever felt on the water. I was even able to get up wind a little bit. That was good for me. Eventually I ran out of room and had to change direction. This is where it gets tuff, yeah. I did try cranking the kite and bringing it around to see if I could make a fluid turn. I have never done this on the water but have gotten pretty good at it on the snow. I didn’t get it and ended up wet. Going back the other direction (to my right) things were a little more difficult. I did not have near the control going that direction. I felt out-of-control and had a hard time controlling my speed. But I kept working on it back and forth across the wind. I wasn’t losing much ground to the left but a bit to the right. To change directions I was de-powering the kite, sinking and starting fresh the other direction. This might all be common sense but if you haven’t done if before, I hope this helps. I did feel better about going to my right by the end of the session. The session ended when I  ran out of lake. I got into my bay, which today was a wind hole. The wind was quite a bit lighter in the bay and there was just no way I was going to get back up wind and out of there so I called it good. D. grabbed my kite and I climbed aboard the jet ski and headed in. That was a bit of a mess since the lines ended up all around the jet ski and I had to do some messing with that. Back on shore I had a pretty good birds nest going in my lines.

As a way to improve my board skills I got my nephew to give me a few pulls behind the jet ski over the next few days. I don’t know if it will help or not but it certainly can’t hurt. All-in-all, it was a good vacation and even better that I got to do some kiting. Hope to see you on the water soon.


One thought on “Good learning Session on Big Cormorant MN

  1. Let me know next time you are back in the area and want to go kiting! I live in Fargo and have been kiteboarding for 6-7 years now. I fell in love with the sport after a lesson with Lakawa and did most of my learning surrounded by kiters in Texas and Western Australia. Some of my favorite local spots have been Morton Pond near Wahpeton, Swede Grove Lake by Hawley, Detroit Lakes,Otter Tail, and Height of Land depending on the wind direction. Also, I recently discovered a shallow protected bay in Long Lake near Bismarck. Although It is a bit of a drive for me, it is tough to beat the riding conditions I experienced out there! This year I purchased a dry suit that gets me going early in the Spring(Overland flooding) thru the end of fall, I also enjoy winter kiting on the snow covered plains and frozen lakes.

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