I don’t get near as many opportunities to get out kiteboarding as I would prefer. As such, I have a tendency to get excited when an opportunity arises. Perhaps overly at times. So with a few hours of free time at while at the family lake house in MN I got my gear ready. No, I didn’t measure the wind. I knew the wind was likely on the light side but thought I could will it to be enough if I ignored the thought of it. I was, of course, wrong. But I had everything set up on the ice so I thought I may as well keep going. This is when my kind sibling informed me the lake has flooded and there was water below the snow. He could have told me that when he saw me blowing the kite up a half hour earlier – but didn’t. Anyway, I decided to make the most of it. Oh, did I mention this was going to be the first time I had used my board instead of my skis. Well, it was and I didn’t bring an alternative ride. Practice with kite can never be a bad thing so why not take the opportunity and go with it. I was able to get the kite up a few times and move a bit but it was tough going and only on the gusts. That meant when the gust died, so did the kite. As kiting goes, I followed next. Usually landing in the water my brother was nice enough to have mentioned ahead of time. I was dressed right so the water stayed where I wanted it – on the outside of my clothes. Luckily, it was cold enough to freeze the water on my gloves before it had a chance to soak through. So how about the silver lining. As I mentioned above the chance to practice with the kite was worth the effort. I really don’t get out enough. While providing much Christmas laughter and cheer for my family I did get some valuable practice time and look forward to a windier and whiter season. If you have one of these sessions, just remember, it is the bad days that make the good ones seem so.


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