I have been hearing folks say they would like to learn more about the sport of kiteboarding and want to get in touch with area riders. I am thinking it might be time to have Bismarck’s first kiteboarding event. Don’t set your expectations to high but it could be the start of an actual community. Let me know if you have any interest or ideas for a get together.


2 thoughts on “Possible Event for Western ND

  1. I would love to see a kite event in Dakota I am in Williston and have four guys that want to learn and get involved.

    Might be a good idea to conduct in conjunction with the regatta that happens and pick city not sure when that is

    I just got back from Cape Hatteras North Carolina

    They would send qualified instructors for $1,000 per day and they would teach 6 hours

    Sunday looks to be a perfect onshore wind at Lunds Landing near Williston I’m planning on taking the four guys out there Sunday to do some training

    Looks like a steady 12 to 17 miles an hour winds

    I just bought a 17 m slingshot while in cape Hatteras looking forward to using it on the water.

    I have an 18 m airrrush but without struts it is hard to relaunch in the waves

    I am a member of the site so please email me I would like to help organize a kite event

  2. Have an event at nelson lake north of Bismark. That water is like 20 degree warmer then all the other lakes in the area. I tried to kite there like 10 years ago when I was learning. And spent some time windsurfing too. Good wind for a small lake…

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