Free up your calendar Saturday afternoon, June 7. We will be having the first semi-organized meet and greet of kiteboarders in western North Dakota. The goal for this meeting is to connect kiteboarders in the area, exchange numbers, check out gear, ask questions and tell stories.


Meet at Horizon Middle School in Bismarck, ND. Go around to the North side or back of the school where the soccer and football fields are located.  I chose this spot because the wind is predicted to be low (6mph). So I picked a spot with an open area where we could possibly play with trainer kites and if people wanted to put gear out to show off or check out they could. Hopefully we can meet on the water next time.


1:00pm Saturday, June 7. If no one shows at 1 I will wait until about 2 for people to show. I will stay and talk with people as long as they want to be there.

What to expect:

A few folks have expressed interest in learning more about the sport. So I want to introduce those folks to the gear and answer any questions they might have about how to get started. Another goal is to connect local kiters and maybe exchange some contact info or whatever. Kiting with someone is good for learning, easier, more fun and safer than going by yourself. I will bring my trainer and my bigger kite to show folks how the gear all works. If others with gear would like to bring theirs and show it off too that would be great. Someone mentioned they would like to see how kite systems other than the ones they own work. We don’t have a store we can go to to check this stuff out so this is probably the only way we can  compare systems. This would be good for those thinking of buying more or first time equipment.

Other than that there is no real plan. I hope a few people show up and we can wing it from there. Stop by even if it is just to say hello for a few minutes.

Hope to see you there.



2 thoughts on “Bismarck kiteboarder Event – June 7

  1. Cool! Sounds like a fun event! I won’t be able to make it to this one, but I hope to get out to Kite in the Bismarck area at least once this summer. Last year, I went out to Long Lake SE of Bismarck and had a great time. There was a nice launch site and shallow water in this bay here:

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