Waking after days of gale force winds and 4 foot swells I checked the forecasts for the day. They said the winds would diminish over the course of the day. With kids and chores to do I waited for nap time to go. Unfortunately it was too late. My plan was to drift launch from the South side of the lake and downwind to the North side where we were staying. The launch point is tree lined and when I tried to launch the kite it would slowly get about half my line out and then swirl back to me. After a few tries it got messier and messier. The longer I kept trying the more the wind would die so I got a JetSki ride out towards the middle of the lake. I wound up my lines, left the kite blown up and just held it on the back of the Jetski.
Even out there it was tough to get it up in the air but I have never been accused of giving up easy. It was a lot of work but during the gusts I was able to ride for a bit. After an hour or so I ran out of lake and called it a day. I was happy with the fact that even though I couldn’t stay up on the water, I actually did a pretty good job of controlling the kite. Practice is a good thing so I took some solace in that.


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