Something interesting happened the other day. A friend who I have known for years sent me a photo of some guys trying to snowkite at Cottonwood Park in Bismarck, ND. His question accompanying the photo he sent me asked whether I had ever tried something like that. I said I had and if he wanted I would let him try with my trainer kite. So we went out this past Saturday up at Horizon School. The wind was light – around 10mph. The wind was light even for the 3.5m I have. He had a tough time keeping it in the air. At times it would come up for a while and get easier for him.

He was having fun and getting the hang of it so I decided to use the opportunity to get some practice with my 9m Slingshot. I haven’t had much time with that kite. I only brought my snowboard and having unsuccessfully tried my board only a couple times I was hesitant to try it with the low wind and lack of snow. But as it was the only option I went for it.

I rigged up downwind of the kite and did the slide it around trick. Then I walked it over to a fence post and wrapped my chicken loop around the post and went to put on my boots and board. I was able to get some pull but I had to work to keep the kite in the air. It was some good practice time but 5mph more would have been nice.

My friend had a good time and wants to try it again. Maybe we will have another kite buddy out there soon. Speaking of which, if anyone knows who those guys at Cottonwood were have them get in touch with me.



One thought on “Sharing the knowledge

  1. I was out at Cottonwood on 12/17 snowkiting, is Parker the friend you’re talking about? It was a great day, wind gusty as usual but in the low 20’s. I was flying a Switchblade 10m, it was a great time! Haven’t found too many other snow kite spots around BIS area. I’ve gone to McDowel Dam with ice skates and a kite. If you know of any other spots let me know. I’m always looking for fellow kiters and other locations (both in the summer and winter).

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