It was almost the first session of 2016 with the late coming of winter this year. But we did get in one session before the year’s end. It was light wind and I wasn’t convinced we were going to be able to get the kites in the air. The optimism of my new friend Justin got me going and kite we did. We had about an hour of enough wind to ride. I was able to get some speed and even some small air. We were out on the McKenzie slough South of McKenzie, ND. I really like this spot for snowkiting when there is snow –  and of course, ice. The water/ice runs right up to the road so it is easy to access and makes for a big wide-open playground. There are closer spots to town but this is one of my favorites in the winter.

This was the first time I met Justin so we swapped stories for a bit while we watched the sun fall. The weather was nice, there is good snow on the ice but it could another couple inches would be perfect.

two kites on the snow
Getting ready for the ride

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