Get ready, it sounds like Kite Crossing 12 is in the plan for March 4-6, 2016. It will be at Lake Mille Lacs near Garrison, MN as it has in the past. I have not yet been to this event but the KiteND crew hopes to represent this year. This is set up as an endurance race event but you can just come out to have fun too. Whether you snowkite with board or skis or you just like to watch crazy people run around on the ice and snow, it is sure to be a good time.

Here is what the Fleet 8 folks have to say: “A weekend of freeriding, endurance race, expression session, gear demos, instruction and more. Riders are encouraged to spend the weekend in Garrison or nearby. The Welcome party, On the Ice Festivities, Riders Party and Saturday’s Banquet is free to all registered riders and guests.”

More info is available on the Fleet 8 website


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