Roger and I rode New Johns last Saturday, June 3. Winds were cycling from 10 to 35 and back. This wasn’t gusty but more like ten minute intervals. Unpredictable even for ND.

They were on the light side when we hit the water. We started looking at a spot near the South boat ramp as it was a WNW wind which is mostly on-side-shore. I was worried we would hit shore right away if the wind dropped for very long so we moved to the North side of the lake on the point by the North boat ramp. Strangely, there the wind was more WSW. I know that doesn’t make sense but that is kind of how New Johns is – the wind seems to swirl or maybe it is just the shoreline that makes it seem that way.

We wore shorties and I didn’t even notice the water temp – really comfortable. It is early for water this warm. Get out and enjoy it.

I was debating over using my 13m or 17m. Glad I went with the 17 Zephyr. Roger went out on a 13m. We left a vehicle for the ride back downwind since we figured we would be doing some floats with the crazy wind.

Roger was working it with the 13. I had a pretty good time of it with the 17. I have been happy with the depower of the Zephyr when the gusts come up. It doesn’t feel scary like I thought it would. I was able to maintain position when the wind was up but kept losing ground when it died. I actually got some good tacks in but I realized I need a lot of board and body position work. I should have had no problem out there but I find myself stalling my kite at times when the wind goes down. I need to learn to use the board better and lay off on the sheeting when the wind lulls.

I did have one problem out there. Twice my chicken loop came undone. The first time was no problem as I was already bobbing with the kite down. The second time it happened I was sinking and I must have pulled back on the bar so hard it knocked the loop off my harness. This resulted in a lot of slack in the line and the kite rolled which stuck me with inverted lines. I know there is a way to undue those but I haven’t had any success doing it in the water. If you know of a good video on how to do that post it in the comments. Anyway, this resulted in a self-rescue situation which I don’t like doing that much with this Ozone system. I was fairly close to shore so I just floated in till I could touch and then straightened things out. Roger came down and grabbed my kite shortly after so all was well at that point. But if I had been in the middle of the lake, this would have been a miserable float in. Not sure what the takeaway on that is. Maybe just be aware of the potential. I am sure I caused the chicken loop to jump out, just not sure how.


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