First off, thanks to the folks that showed up. There is something really cool about seeing a bunch of kites dancing effortlessly through the air. It really is beautiful. I am not just biased – it really is one of the best looking sports I have tried and I have tried about everything.

Now down to business. As I pulled up to where the kites where flying from I immediately noticed a face I didn’t know getting ready to launch a kite. This got me giddy. Yes, When I see a new kiters in ND I get excited – which is why you should start if you haven’t. Seriously though as a side note, the folks in our group are committed to helping newbs so don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Back to the story, so I did in fact meet a new face and his kiteboarding kids too. Beyond that nice family getting ready to go out was a couple of Chicken Loop season 1 attendees, Justin and Dave, and they were lit up. So I said my greetings and proceeded to rig up.

chicken loop 2

I got a good run in but I didn’t kite up enough so I couldn’t stay up wind and ended up near the public beach. Remember how I said folks in this group are helpful, well, Justin came and picked me up. I hope the folks camping all around this lake think it is as funny as we do when we kiteboarders wash up on their camp site. To help put some context to that statement, there are camp sites all around New John’s Lake, which is why we like to kite there.
Unfortunately, after I was picked up it was clear a storm was moving in. This is apparently going to be a day one mainstay for the Chicken Loop event. So the storm shut down the kiting and it wouldn’t be possible to get back out on Friday.

Saturday however, left us with a different problem. Mother Nature would not produce enough wind to launch even a 17m kite all day. I know because we tried. We did get some trainer kites in the air and got a camper to try it out. Who knows, maybe he will be the next big thing in kiting. With no wind we spent our time playing with gear and doing other things like kayaking, fishing and drinking. The sunsets were beautiful and the camping was comfortable.

Day three brought a decent wind and gave us the chance to really do what we came for. I could have been rigged and in the water by 8 but I waited for kids and others to wake up so I took the kayak out about 9. The wind seemed a lot stronger out on the lake than they were on land so I headed back and started rigging. I started with a 9m and Mat rigged his 12. I headed out and played for quite a while. I wasn’t able to stay up wind but my wife was nice enough to come pick me up. She picked Mat up as well as we ended up in the same place. The beauty was, this is where we planned to end up. We both went back to camp and re-rigged. This time I rigged up a 14 and was almost able to stay up-wind. But just not quite so my wife had to pick us both up again. The good thing is this time the pick up was much closer to our camp than the last time. I actually was close enough to do a walk of shame back to camp once before that.

I think We learned some new techniques and got some more experience which is what this is all about. I can only speak for myself but I really enjoyed spending time hanging out with other kiters too – and that is what this event is really all about.

Hope to see you next year. I can’t guarantee wind but I can guarantee a good time.

See you soon.


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