I was introduced to kiteboarding back in about 2007/2008 by some UND students passing through town. I kind of forgot about it for a while until one winter day I was thinking how nice it would be to be able to go skiing. We are located hundreds of miles from the mountains so it isn’t very convenient to go on a moments notice. That is when I started thinking seriously about kiting and the freedom it would provide to be able to ski whenever – summer or winter – I wanted.

After looking online I didn’t find a good single source of information on how to get started. So that is why I started this blog. Once I get this sport more dialed in I will be able to provide some better info but for now I just hope you can learn from my experiences.

You are following my progression so be warned. If you find something that is inaccurate or needs clarification let me know. I can’t guarantee everything I write will be correct and this blog is definitely no substitution for lessons but it will give you an idea of what one person went through to get started.  This is a dangerous sport – again, this blog is definitely not a replacement for professional lessons.

I don’t know of anyone else doing this in western North Dakota so if you do, let me know.


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  1. Any Dickinson kiters out there?
    I’m a Montana kiter working out here in Dickinson. I’ve got my gear with me, just need some folks to go with. Patterson Lake looks promising, anyone kite there?

  2. Hey guys! Big kiter here! Planning on moving over there soon and would like some friends! I hear the average wind mph is great over there so I’m excited! I don’t snow kite but I do kite on the water so if you guys have any info about the area, great kite spots etc. feel free to email me! Yellowkiter@gmail.com

  3. Hey Kitend. I am also looking for other kiteboarders out over here in Bismarck. Anyone who wants to get in contact with me is more than welcome to. I am wondering when it will warm up so I can kite. I am going nuts.

    1. It sounds like we need to get an event set up for the kiters of ND to get together and make some connections. I have had heard from other kiteboarders / kiteskiers out there who are looking to find others like them. I will look into it a bit and try to get some kind of informal event set up yet this spring.

  4. I’m looking for kite skiers in Fargo area. I picked it up last year, though there’s not a lot around here. I sail with with Pelican Lake Yacht Club all through the summer near Detroit Lakes, MN, and snow kiting is like my sailing fix for the winter.

    1. It is always good to hear from another kiter. I know a guy in the Detroit Lakes area and have a lead for you in Fargo. I will email you. If you get out to the Western part of ND let us know. I will pass the word around here in case anyone is headed your way.

  5. Hey, I am trying to get into kiteboarding in ND and have some questions about average wind speeds in the area? And getting together with other kiters.

    1. You have come to the right place. Well, that might over state it a bit but it is the only place I know of for this kind of info in ND. Check out the links page for wind info in North Dakota. As for getting together to kite, I suggest watching the twitter feed and following this blog for updates.

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