2014 Regatta Update

Calling all kiters! Don’t forget about the Regatta this August 22 and 23 in North Dakota’s Fort Stevenson State Park on beautiful Lake Sakakawea. Kiteboard and other wind riders are welcome. A sign-up is available on the DYC Racing site below but if you don’t want to or forget or whatever just show up on Friday or Saturday and hang out. There are a handful of kiters already planning on coming but you are all welcome. Come to kite or just watch. Just come.

More info:

Hope you can make it up for the fun.


2014 Fort Stevenson Regatta

The sailboat crowd has invited the kiteboarding crowd to join them in their regatta this year. The events take place at the Fort Stevenson State Park on Lake Sakakawea starting Friday, August 22, 2014. This will be a great chance to get together and meet other wind sport enthusiasts. For those just getting into the sport of kiteboarding, this will be a good place to ask some questions and check out gear.

The sailboats will be racing on Saturday with an exhibition area for the kiteboarders. With enough interest we may be able to set up a kiteboard race as well. Without enough interest we will just get together to freeride and hang out. It may be possible to arrange for a professional kiteboard trainer to come out and join us as well if we could get enough interest in that.

There will be Saturday entertainment for those who stick around. Tickets and food will be extra, I will try to have a few bracelets available for sale on the docks for those interested. Those who want to stay in the park should make arrangements through the Fort Stevenson office by calling 701-337-5576.

If you’re interested, sign up through the link below and we’ll make sure your contact info gets filtered to the right folks. Yes this includes the kiteboarders.

Feel free to call if you have questions, comments or ideas,

Josh Wolsky

Sign Up:

Please sign up for the event so we can get an idea of how many folks are going to show up. It will help organize this and future events.

Sign-up here


Follow this link to find Fort Stevenson State Park on Google Maps.


Friday, Aug. 22

  • 7:00 pm: Social & Rules Refresher at De Trobian Marina

Saturday, Aug. 23

  • 9:00 am: Skippers Meeting at De Trobian Marina
  • Noon: Race Start at the mouth of De Trobian Bay
  • 7:30pm: Garrison Beach Party at De Trobian Marina with music from Billy D and the Crystals



First Bismarck Kiters Meet and Greet

We got some folks together this past weekend. We only had five show up, including me, but I think it was worth the effort. Stories, contact info and an interest in power kiting were shared. There was gear to check out and compare so I got to see some other systems up close that I hadn’t before. There were several landboards there but the wind was so light no one went for a ride. It was good to meet some more kiters in the area and hopefully we can hook up in the water or on the snow for some real fun.  The day was nice and we got to hang out and talk about the sport a bit. Watch for another opportunity to get together later this summer. In the meantime, hope for steady winds.

Bismarck kiteboarder Event – June 7

Free up your calendar Saturday afternoon, June 7. We will be having the first semi-organized meet and greet of kiteboarders in western North Dakota. The goal for this meeting is to connect kiteboarders in the area, exchange numbers, check out gear, ask questions and tell stories.


Meet at Horizon Middle School in Bismarck, ND. Go around to the North side or back of the school where the soccer and football fields are located.  I chose this spot because the wind is predicted to be low (6mph). So I picked a spot with an open area where we could possibly play with trainer kites and if people wanted to put gear out to show off or check out they could. Hopefully we can meet on the water next time.


1:00pm Saturday, June 7. If no one shows at 1 I will wait until about 2 for people to show. I will stay and talk with people as long as they want to be there.

What to expect:

A few folks have expressed interest in learning more about the sport. So I want to introduce those folks to the gear and answer any questions they might have about how to get started. Another goal is to connect local kiters and maybe exchange some contact info or whatever. Kiting with someone is good for learning, easier, more fun and safer than going by yourself. I will bring my trainer and my bigger kite to show folks how the gear all works. If others with gear would like to bring theirs and show it off too that would be great. Someone mentioned they would like to see how kite systems other than the ones they own work. We don’t have a store we can go to to check this stuff out so this is probably the only way we can  compare systems. This would be good for those thinking of buying more or first time equipment.

Other than that there is no real plan. I hope a few people show up and we can wing it from there. Stop by even if it is just to say hello for a few minutes.

Hope to see you there.


Possible Event for Western ND

I have been hearing folks say they would like to learn more about the sport of kiteboarding and want to get in touch with area riders. I am thinking it might be time to have Bismarck’s first kiteboarding event. Don’t set your expectations to high but it could be the start of an actual community. Let me know if you have any interest or ideas for a get together.

10th Annual Mille Lacs Kite Crossing

This year’s event will begin February 28, 2014,  in Garrison, MN. See the details below or read more on the Lakawa Facebook page.

Event Details:

Snowkite event for ALL!
Endurance race (16-28 mile) (optional)
Freeriding all weekend in premier snowkiting venue, meet & connect with riders in area & around the region
Live music Friday night
Banquet, Riders Party and Bonfire Saturday Night
Non wind events
Camping on ice



All Day Free Riding – Garrison Bay
7pm-10pm Welcome Party & Registration – Harbor Inn
8-10pm Music Provided by Wailing Loons – Harbor Inn


8am Registration & Check in
9:30am Racers Mandatory Meeting – Garrison Bay
TBD Kite Crossing 16-28 mile endurance race (wind permitting)
TBD Short Course & speed races
Snowkite lessons and mini clinics
Beverages provided
Grilling, Kickball, Hammerschlagen, Tug a War

7pm Rider Party
8pm Banquet
9pm Prizes/awards/swag giveaway
10pm After Party on ice
Beverages provided
Music, Bonfire, Kiting & more!


All day Free Riding – Garrison Bay
9:30am Racers Mandatory Meeting – Garrison Bay
TBD Kite Crossing 16-28 mile endurance race (wind permitting)
TBD Short Course & speed races
2pm/TBD – Snowkite lessons and mini clinics
Noon – 4pm non wind events
Beverages provided by Excelsior Brewing Company
Grilling, Kickball, Hammerschlagen, Tug a War
3-4pm Awards (if Day of Race)

2013 Bighorn Snowkite Summit announcement

Here is an event update you may want to check out. The Bighorn Snowkite Summit will be held in WY Dec. 2-8, 2013. Below is a reprint of their Facebook post.

The Bighorn Mountain Range is located Northern Wyoming. The upper portions of the range ease back in steepness to form what is arguably the best snow kite terrain in the United States. In particular, Mt. Baldy possesses a combination of nearly treeless rolling mountain meadows, advanced steeps, and a ten thousand foot altitude that holds snow and catches wind. The usually ample early season snowpack and diversity of this amazing area makes it the ideal staging grounds for the first ever, Bighorn Snowkite Summit.

The goal of the Summit is to brings together snow kite enthusiasts of all ability levels early in the winter season for an epic snow kiting adventure on amazing terrain, gather industry professionals, and committed snow kiters of any level to participate in a series of roundtable discussions about the current and future state of our sport. This discussion series is designed to scrutinize the growing pains of our sport as we face the need for some type of standard in a number of areas. Locally, we will provide an opportunity for first time snow kiters, local snow enthusiasts and anyone who is interested to improve their skills through a series of demos and clinics.

The Wyoming High Country Lodge is set just behind Mount Baldy and is an ideal location to base the Summit. They’ve offered their rustic cabins and a large central lodge. They Wyoming High Country Lodge has agreed to support us with some snowmobiles and a belt track snowcat. The Jackson Hole Kiters and a number of others are also willing to help with some snowmobile support to get kiters out to the lodge and to the primary kiting areas.
The event itself is free.

When conditions permit, we will be on Mount Baldy snowkiting the entire time except for a couple discovery missions. There is enough room for everyone here. The discussions will be at night after dinner and the clinics will be during the day. Take this opportunity to wax the skis or board, and brush away the off season blues to enjoy great company and snowkiting in the Bighorn Mountains.

Event Website :

Video short of the Event :

2013 Gathering at Mille Lacs

I know it is a little late notice this year but I didn’t see this until now. The yearly Gathering at Mille Lacs is July 26-28. If you don’t know what this is, here is a little background from Lakawa on the event.

Every summer the wind community has set a time to “gather” in one location around the winds. We are fortunate to have a lot of options but this one time is when we all try to make it together. Lake Mille Lacs provides the best opportunity for us. See this link for some history: http://www.lakawa.com/phpBB/search.php?st=0&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&keywords=gathering&fid%5B0%5D=1&start=660
Learn More: