This page shows sites I have tried for kiting. Let us know where you have been kiting.

Kiteboard Maps

Location Descriptions

Lake Audubon:

Haven’t tried it yet but hope to. The lake has several public access points. Extra access points open up in the winter but I have heard the lake has a lot of springs so the ice can be sketchy.

Lake Isabel:

Isabel is located South of Dawson, ND. This is a small, round, spring-fed lake. It is tree lined so wind is affected in all directions. There is a public beach and public access on the NE corner. A person may be able to get access from the SW corner where the road runs adjacent to the lake but it would likely be sketchy. Overnight camping is not allowed on the public beach. There are a couple small lakes to the west of Isabel that might be usable for winter kiting but no good for summer.

Lake Josaphine:

Just three miles North of Tuttle, ND. There is a public boat ramp on the South side of the lake. They have a nice primitive camp ground with toilets, wood grills and shelters. There is room for kiters. No cabins on this lake yet so all shorelines could be used to kite from.

Lake Oahe:

Ok, this is really just a really wide part of the Missouri river crossing from ND and into SD. I found this post online about lake Oahe and thought it would be worth mentioning. If I get the time to venture down there myself I will fill you in. – Read the article

Lake Sibley:

Sibley is seven miles North of Dawson. It has a public boat ramp in the NE corner.  There are no trees to speak of and very few cabins along the North side so no wind shadows.

Lake Sakakawea:

This is a very big body of water – third largest reservoir in the US. There are several wind farms in the area so I would guess it stays pretty windy. I have heard the wind can change fast out here in the summer. There are several public access points but look at a map before you start driving around looking for them.

Lake Tschida (Heart Butte Dam):

Lake is Southwest of Glen Ullin, ND. The lake has several public access points and campgrounds surrounding the lake. There is a well maintained public beach on the South side. The North end has some shallow areas and less boat traffic. See Koehler’s (not sure about spelling) point for access at the NE end of the lake. Can’t say what the lake would be like in the winter.

McKenzie Slough:

The McKenzie exit is about seventeen miles East of Bismarck, ND. Then go a couple miles South. This is a nice spot for snowkiting but might be a bit stinky in the summer. The highway goes right through the slough so you can’t really miss it. Access can be gained by walking out from the road.

Nelson Lake:

This lake is about 40 miles NW of Bismarck, near Center, ND.  A power plant on the lake uses it to cool the plant thus releasing warm water back into the lake. This means it is open most of the year in spite of our extremely cold winters. This freaks me out so I haven’t tried it but for those who are not intimidated it would make a great photo op to be kiteboarding on the water in a blizzard.

New Johns Lake:

This is the largest of a chain of small lakes NE of Wilton. The lake has several access points for kiters all around the lake and a few for boaters as well. There are public camp sites scattered all around the lake. The lake is long and narrow with an East/West orientation.   There are not many trees around the lake and no cabins. There are a few rolling hills. The wind is pretty clean for a ND lake – ND Game and Fish map, ND Tourism lake info

Winter – snowkiting:

Being one of the least populated parts of the country means there is a lot of open space. If snow cover is good there are a lot of places to kite. I would avoid the fields marked with no trespassing signs unless you contact the owner and get permission. Around the Bismarck area I like the McKenzie slough or the fields around the county shop on 43rd Ave N.


6 thoughts on “Western ND Kiting Locations

  1. Live in mandan. I am a Newbe I have 1.2, 2.2, 3.0 & 9m kites with seat harness. Would like to get some help and instruction.

    1. Hey, help is why KiteND exists. If you have specific questions you can post them on this site as a comment or shoot us an email. If you would rather not have your comment posted on the site just say so in your message and I won’t put it out there.

  2. Just moved to Minot and came across this site. I am looking to kite board (water) out here and just wondering what the water kite boarding scene is like. Do you ever get out on the lakes when they aren’t frozen?

    1. There has been more kiting activity on the snow but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in the water. It probably has to do with the relative inexperience of the riders out here as well as the ease of use on the snow. Everything is easier on the snow. But you can definately use the water. From Minot check out Audubon and Sakakawea about a half-hour South of that area.

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